$50 Per Pay Check Dividend Portfolio Update 7/3/19

I transferred $50 to M1 Finance on the morning of Wednesday 7/3/19 with the expectation that the money would hit the account on Friday or Monday, but the transfer happened seemingly instantly and one hundred trades were completed the same day during the shortened pre-holiday market session.

That was unexpected. Another thing I didn't foresee was that a portion of the $50 was not invested. $2.66 remains in cash and will have to wait for the next $50 installment in two weeks. The uninvested cash is probably the result of rounding and the target percentage for each stock (roughly 1% of the portfolio).

Per the gains section in the M1 account, the portfolio has also earned $0.14 in dividends since it was started, which I assume is included in the cash balance. Either I haven't figured out how to find it, or M1 doesn't provide this information, but I don't know which stocks paid the dividends. Unlike other brokers, M1 doesn't seem to include dividends in the account activity section. The account statement, dated 6/28/19, shows nothing in the estimated income column. Maybe it'll show up in the July statement.

Below is a table of where the dividend portfolio is now. As we accumulate datapoints I will add charts. I have debated whether to take the excess cash out of the portfolio value, or account for it in the benchmark, but have decided that doing so would add unnecessary complications as long as the excess cash balance stays low. We'll see what happens in the coming months.

Additional Investment
Running Total Investment
Dividend Portfolio Account Value
Additional Benchmark SPY Shares
Running Total Benchmark SPY Shares
SPY Closing Share Price
Benchmark SPY Value
Dividend Portfolio VS Benchmark