Privacy Policy

This site is hosted by, which is owned by Google. That should be all you need to know.

It isn't my aim to track you, but I'm sure Google's is.

As of 7/29/15, this site had two third party cookies. One was from Google and one was from DoubleClick, a subsidiary of Google.

There were also 14 third party requests. At least ten of them had to do with Google Adsense. Another was from Blogger (as mentioned, also Google). One was from Feedburner (owned by Google). It's somewhere on the right, it lets you subscribe to my infrequent posts. Another was from I don't know what it is or does, but it's part of Google.

And the last was from, from an advertisement for my book about dividends. If you click on that ad, Amazon will track you. If you soon thereafter buy something from Amazon, I might make a couple of dollars. If you happen to buy my book, I'll make a couple more dollars.

The above may change from time to time. I might become evil. For the most current information you might try Cookie-Checker.

If you're concerned about this sort of thing, you might want to check out Disconnect. It's an app and browser plugin that supposedly makes it harder for websites to track you. I use the free version in my FireFox. I don't know if it works, but so far it hasn't broken anything. On this website, the Disconnect icon reports that there are 59 things that it can block.

You can also configure your browser to reject cookies or delete them every so often or when you close the browser.

If you're not using an ad-blocker, thank you. But you probably should. I've used Adblock Edge in my FireFox for a long time now and it's been great. I haven't seen ads on YouTube (Google) or anywhere in years. Do note that it has to be disabled on some sites for them to work.

I might've gone off on a bunch of tangents. Sorry. Please refer to the first six paragraphs from the top for the most up to date information.