Professor Obama's Break out Sessions

In concluding his speech at the start of the Fiscal Responsibility Summit, Obama urged those assembled to separate into groups and have "break out sessions." Then they are to come back later today and report to him what ideas they have discussed.

This may sound oddly familiar to those of us under 30 or so. We've heard this kind of thing ("break out sessions") from moron high school teachers and college professors for years. Remember this nonsense? Separate into groups, talk amongst yourselves, have someone write it down, and then read it in front of the class. The result is always the same: nothing gets done and no one learns anything. OK, we do learn something--how to talk.

And that's the problem. Obama is the end result of "break out session" education, where talking takes the place of thinking; he is the epitome of knowing nothing but sounding like you know something. That's all he knows how to do. All his speeches so far have had no substance, just buzz words. All the plans so far have laid out principals for how responsible hardworking people will bailout the irresponsible. "Transparency," "accountability," "responsibility," and so on. Repeat it enough and people will believe you. Maybe they won't question how you can sign $787 billion in new spending into law and then hold a fiscal responsibility conference with a straight face. Maybe they won't think about how the "stimulus" bill was bullied into passage in the same way the Patriot Act was, and how no one had time to read the damn thing. Very responsible and transparent.

Well here's a suggestion for your group work assignment, Professor Obama. You can save $787 billion right away. Cancel the "stimulus" bill!

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