For Those Interested in Ethical Investing

When I put the Ethical Investing blog carnival out of its misery, I said I would replace it with regularly scheduled posts on the topic of ethical investing. I also asked for others to send me links to their posts or websites on the subject. I have not kept my word.

Ron Robins, of Investing for the Soul, has gently reminded me about his site, twice. I'm sorry it took two times for me to post something.

Investing for the Soul is a great resource for those looking for ethical investing information. This includes information on green investing, corporate transparency and social responsibility, how religion interacts with investing, mutual funds, and many other topics. The site also has a list of suggested books and offers fee based services, such as helping you find investments that comport with your values, investment research, and portfolio auditing. Workshops and seminars are available as well.

If ethical investing interests you, pay Investing for the Soul a visit.

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