Election Day Will Finally Be Over and We'll Get On With Our Lives

I've voted in every election I've been eligible for since I turned 18. This will be the first year I'm not voting. I think I've finally realized how absurd it is. Put on a fake smile, kiss a bunch of babies, tell everyone you won't raise their taxes, promise a whole bunch of stuff you have no intention of attempting to do (even if it were feasible), sling some mud at the other guy, and say you're the candidate of change and reform. Each and every one of them are always candidates of change and reform, yet they all end up the same.

The Democrats are likely to take control of the two elected branches of government (I was going to say political branches, then reconsidered). They will be just as terrible as the Republicans were when they had full control. Why? Because laws will be passed. That is never for the better. That government is best which governs least.* Since we'll never elect people who actually believe this, for the last few elections I've been casting empty ballots--a kind of "none of the above" vote. Now I have better things to do than go to the polls, especially since this year it looks like there will be a big turnout.

The above might offend some people. For that I apologize. I actually have more particular things to say about each candidate, but rather than truly offend you I will forgo that exercise.

I never really found George Carlin funny, but agreed with what he said about some things. Voting was one of them. Whether he meant it or not, I agree with the following (caution, there's offensive language and gestures in the video that may not be suitable for everyone), and don't really consider it a comedy routine:

As this is a money blog, I shall refrain from talking directly about politics until the next presidential election. May the candidates you like the best (or the ones you think are the lesser evils) prevail.

I leave you with an excellent op-ed from Minyanville.

*This is often attributed to Jefferson or Paine, but there is no evidence they ever wrote or said it, as far as I know. It appears in the writings of Thoreau (one of my heroes, the slacker who mooched off Emerson) as just a general motto.

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