Simply Investing Carnival 9/8/08 Edition

Welcome to the September 8, 2008 edition of Simply Investing blog carnival.

Joe Manausa presents 3 Bogus Real Estate Statistics - Know Them Or Be Burned By Them posted at Really Better Real Estate, saying, "There is a disturbing habit of our recognized industry leaders to quote statistics that have no basis at all. Some of them are downright wrong! This article will recognize three of the most important bogus real estate statistics that everyone ought to know about."

Tushar Mathur
presents Your Future without Debt! posted at Everything Finance, saying, "There is a lack of financial and investment education in our schools. Here is some advice on investing or saving for retirement."

KCLau presents What Do You Know About Bankruptcy? posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "an article on how one becomes bankrupt and how to be discharged from bankruptcy."

Ned Carey presents What Should Be In Your Library? posted at Baltimore Real Estate Investing Blog. The author reviews motivational, sales and marketing, business and finance, and real estate books.

Praveen presents How Markets React to Fundamentals posted at My Simple Trading System. "[T]rying to time the market based on fundamental information [can be] very tricky. Not only do you need accurate, timely information, but you have to 'out think' other market participants."

Michael Cintolo presents Emerging Markets Q&A posted at The Iconoclast Investor. Q&A with Paul Goodwin at the Money Show.

imarketing4s presents What to Ask a Credit Counseling Agency posted at Free Debt Consolidation: Qualified Financial Management. "If you have decided to seek help from a credit counseling agency, never presume that all agencies have your best interests at heart...In this article, we present the questions that you should ask a credit counseling agency before hiring their service."

Silicon Valley Blogger presents You've Got Money: Invest It All or Dollar Cost Average? posted at The Digerati Life. The author discusses three popular investment timing strategies: lump sum, value cost averaging, and dollar cost averaging.

Ben Dinsmore presents Contributing More to Your 401k Is Not as Difficult as You May Think posted at Trees Full of Money, saying, "If you don't think that you can afford to contribute more money into your 401k plan, you NEED to read this article!"

AndrewB presents You Think Making More Money or Losing Weight equals happiness? Think Again posted at Personal Hack, saying, "In this article I discuss the relationship between happiness and making more money."

Kacper Wrzesniewski presents Why did I invest so little? posted at KacperWrzesniewski.com, saying, "It is very common that after successful picking a stock an investor is asking this question. This feeling that you could invest more and now enjoy much bigger earnings appears and it is difficult to free your mind from it."

Tushar Mathur presents Advantages and Disadvantages of ETFs posted at Invest In India, saying, "ETFs are mutual funds, whose units can be bought and sold on the stock exchange."

Upside Trader presents Hey, Maybe I'm Wrong posted at upsidetrader, saying, "I'm the biggest financial bear on the planet as you all know. Najarian is talking about the off the charts call option action in the financials today, and I do have to "respect" bullish action in any group when it presents itself."

FIRE Getters presents U.S. Economy Grounded? Think Again posted at FIRE Finance. The authors compare stock market loses around the world, and find that "US stocks appear to be the one of the few bright spots in a gloomy world economy."

The Shark Investor presents Alternative Income: Selling Illustrations, Photos or Videos posted at The Shark Investor. The author provides tips and hints on making some cash on the side by selling images.

Ralph Jean-Paul presents 15 ways to save money during a recession posted at Bugs Munny, saying, "Investing money wisely should be a practice that you are taking part in whether the economy is good or slow. Here are some ways you can save some extra bucks so that you still have the opportunity to use your money to grow your wealth."

Tammy Powell presents 2 Absolute things to avoid in buying rental properties posted at Enlightened Wealth Institute student Tammy Powell. "Here are two must do tips on avoiding sitting on a cash sucking real estate investment."

Livingalmostlarge presents Drunken Wall Street? posted at LivingAlmostLarge. Politics and US debt.

Ace Elliott presents Avoiding Mortgage Foreclosure posted at Care on Credit, saying, "As the home mortgage market sways find out what you can do to anchor yourself and weather the foreclosure storm."

sti presents Economic Data That Influence the Market | Stock Trading Ideas posted at Stock Trading Ideas. The author explains "some of the commonly used economic indicators that can influence the general direction of the market."

The Hoss presents Shares, What are They? posted at Hoss Cents Free Financial Money Magazine, saying, "The Hoss explains in layman's terms various stock types and how and how an investor can profit from each."

The Stock Teacher presents Short Squeeze On The Horizon For Luby?s (LUB)? posted at Stock Investment, saying, "Could good quarterly earnings spark a short squeeze among Luby's shares?"

Robert D Flach presents THE FEELING IS DEMUTUAL posted at THE WANDERING TAX PRO. The author discusses Fisher v. US, a recent case where a court ruled that the cost basis of stock received by insurance policy holders is not $0. This may entitle (depending on when they received the shares and whether they filed the appropriate paper work) recipients to a tax refund.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Simply Investing blog carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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