Why the last ethical investing blog carnival?

This is an explanation of why I've decided to end the ethical investing blog carnival.

There were plenty of submissions, but almost all were completely irrelevant. Here were the guidelines:

"Submit your articles on ethical investing. Topics could include, but aren't limited to, discussions of environmentally friendly, people friendly, animal friendly investments; what makes an investment 'ethical,' can it be profitable, what commonly called 'ethical' investments are anything but that, is investing in the so called 'vice' industry necessary unethical, etc.

"However, please DO NOT submit posts that are irrelevant to the carnival. Posts MUST be about investing AND related to ethics."

Submissions consisted mostly of ads for ebooks on trading stocks, Investor's Business Daily stock picks, lists of index funds, articles on which stocks are hot now, how to make money online, and so on.

Since I received the same submissions to my other blog carnival, "Simply Investing" (the next edition will be huge), I can only surmise that the bloggers who submitted irrelevant articles (there are about 20 regulars) send their articles to every single finance related carnival--indiscriminately. The things we do for inbound links and traffic.

Since there were so few legitimate submissions, I've decided it's not worth the trouble to keep running the carnival. Perhaps I didn't promote it enough or in the right places. Or maybe no one has been blogging on the topic.

Instead of asking for submissions, in the future I'll scour the net for interesting ethical investing related articles and link to them. I should have done that from the start.

If you've written something on ethical investing and would like me to link to it, email me.

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