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I'm an INO.com affiliate. You may have noticed some INO widgets on this blog. I've received a few emails from readers, saying that they find INO's services very useful.

INO has been an investing educator for over 15 years.

What does INO offer?

Here's what's for free:

Trend Analysis: Put in a stock symbol, ETF, commodity, etc, and you'll receive analysis in your email inbox.

INO TV: Four free educational investing videos. Here is a sample, having to do with Gold. Here is another: has gold topped out?
Is there a coming energy bust? Is the move in Crude really over?

Learn how to trade stocks in 90 seconds.

In the early 80s, two men were in a debate about how great traders are made. Is it nature or nurture? Are great traders born with a natural intuition for economics, human psychology and self-discipline, or are great traders a product of intense education and practice? Out of this question emerged an experimental trading group called the "Turtles." These people, with little to no trading experience were put through a vigorous training in trend following.

Out of this experimental group, Russell Sands was one of the first trainees. In this INO TV presentation, "I Am A Turtle," Sands shares the lessons and methodologies that his professional trainers taught him.

Free Dow Jones news.

Free Trial

In the past couple of days, INO introduced a new technical tool called MarketClub Alerts. It is designed to catch market moves as they occur instead of after the fact. It lets you track and identify trend patterns of stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, forex, and futures as often as every ten minutes. Alerts can be sent to you via email or to your smart phone. You can also customize your own charts with 23 other technical indicators.

MarketClub Alerts is based on SmartScan, a proprietary technology that scans over 250,000 different symbols every few seconds.

INO is offering a 30 day free trial of this service. It also includes full access to Trend Analysis, mentioned above, as well as a Trader's Blog, which is updated six days a week with market commentary and trading tips. Additionally, MarketClub membership comes with access to Data Central, where you can download historical data on over 250,000 symbols from 21 exchanges, and Trade School, which features online streaming seminars.

Here's a video of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae charts, showing how Trend Analysis works on MarketClub.

This is not a paid post, but I do stand to gain financially if you end up buying any of INO's services. Please note that while INO may collect personal information such as your name and email address, should you provide it, I do not. INO is a third party whose services I think you might find useful. I am not responsible for their content or relationship with you.

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