Sold Dupont

In my last post, I weighed selling Dupont (DD) before its earnings release. I succumbed to temptation/fear? and sold it on Monday for $52 a share, for a gain of 15.7%. Good thing, too, as it fell after earnings and I just learned that the idiots on Fast Money recommended it as a buy. A Fast Money recommendation always indicates to me that a stock will go lower. (Same thing with Jim Cramer and Harry Domash--at some point in the future I'd like to post about stock recommendations from these people.)

I think I'll have an opportunity to buy DD again in the low $40s at some point in the future. I can be wrong, of course, and the stock could go to $60. That's ok. I made my profit.

I feel a bit guilty, though. I like to think of myself as a buy and hold investor.