Simply Investing Blog Carnival

Welcome to the January 28, 2008 edition of the Simply Investing Blog Carnival. Of 23 submissions, here are 13 that have been accepted. Enjoy.

Tyler McKinna presents It’s Time To Buy POT! posted at Dividend Money, saying, "Potash Corp. (POT) is a well run and highly profitable fertilizer company that has seen its share price beaten down unjustly given recent market conditions. Investors looking to profit from the huge worldwide demand for fertilizer now have an opportunity to do so at a very attractive price."

The Investor presents Being fearfully greedy: Why I buy in bear markets posted at Monevator.com, saying, "Rather than whimpering in a bear market, if you're well-positioned you should be whooping with joy that you’ve got an unlooked for chance to buy the same shares you were buying last month for 10%, 20%, or even 50% less than you expected to pay."

The Dividend Guy presents The Dividend Guy Investment Process Part 6: Fundamental Analysis - Revenue and EPS posted at The Dividend Guy Blog, a post in a series of posts describing his overall investment approach.

LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS presents Global Markets Crash: All Non-Correlated Markets Converge In A Downturn posted at LIVING OFF DIVIDENDS, explaining why global markets converge during a down cycle in the economy."

Michael Bass
presents Dave Ramsey, Peter Schiff, and decline of U.S. Economy. posted at Debt Prison, saying, "There are two distinct differences in their perspectives concerning our U.S. Economy and monetary policy that I find puzzling."

Raag Vamdatt presents Goal Based Investing :: RaagVamdatt.com :: Financial Planning demystified posted at RaagVamdatt.com - Financial Planning demystified, about defining major investment goals to be a more disciplined investor.

Jed Norwood presents Forex Trading Tips | Investment Without Emotion posted at Forex Strategy Secrets, saying, "Investing in the Forex Market can be a smart move, but it requires discipline and consistency. This article helps you understand what needs to be kept out of your trading."

Chris presents Two Recession-Proof Investment Picks for 2008 posted at Martial Development, a clever take on investing.

Robert Phillips presents The Law of 250 posted at CYBERCA$HOLOGY, talks about marketing your website using insights from Joe Girard's book How to Sell Anything to Anybody.

KCLau presents Why Financial Planner will be the Hottest Job in 2008 posted at KCLau's Money Tips, saying, "An article on why financial planning will be a hot job this year. Also the introduction of financial planning into various domains in life, eg. education"

Investing Angel presents Tips For Shorting Stocks posted at Stock Tips, saying, "In today's unstable market, many people are considering shorting stocks. This might be because they believe the market is going to get worse, so they want to bet against the market or they just wish to hedge their bets."

Dave presents Ballooning Inflation - Vox posted at Cheapo Groovo, a short post on energy and food inflation.

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Simply Investing Blog Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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