Random Stock Experiment List 2

Last week I started my random stock picking experiment, to see how random stock picking compares in performance to that of professionals, my hypothesis being that it will do better than the majority.

Here are this week's 10 random stocks with their closing prices on 1/25/08.

  1. Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) $32.94
  2. Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd. (ENH) $38.61
  3. AZZ Inc. (AZZ) $33.25
  4. Alaska Communications Systems Group Inc. (ALSK) $12.73
  5. AMIS Holdings Inc. (AMIS) $7.71
  6. OPNET Technologies, Inc. (OPNT) $8.6
  7. Royal Gold, Inc. (RGLD) $30.23
  8. Aircastle Ltd. (AYR) $22.5
  9. Valassis Communications, Inc. (VCI) $
  10. Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Inc. (HTGC) $10.72
I mentioned last week that I would use Stockalicious to track the stocks. I've decided against this, however, as half the time the widget wasn't loading. A few days ago, it prevented this blog from loading. I'll be looking for something better.

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