Monthly update

Ad income: $0.38 (is this good for two blogs less than a month old?)


Savings account balances: $2,131.49
Scottrade cash: $23.24
Firstrade Roth cash (CAMXX): $100.52
Sharebuilder cash (BDMXX): $0
TradeKing cash (RUTXX): $40.81

Note: I've transferred my Sharebuilder account to TradeKing, which cost $50. However, TradeKing is supposed to reimburse me. Cash doesn't reflect this. Also not reflected is gift spending, which was on credit cards (will be paid off fully in January) and money I owe to my girlfriend, who bought gifts on my behalf. This should be under $200.

Total cash: $2296.06

Stocks and Funds:

Blackrock Enhanced Equity Yield Fund (EEF): $113.12
Janus Smart Growth Portfolio (JSPGX): $770.61
General Electric (GE): $74.14
Overseas Shipholding Group (OSG): $669.87
Reynolds American (RAI): $593.64
Royce Focus Trust (FUND): $148.66
DuPont (DD): $484.99
(RJA): $448.13

Other Investments:

Prosper.com: $100 (will describe this in a later post)

Total Stocks/Mutual Funds: $3403.16

Total Investments and Cash as of 1/1/08: $5699.22 (18.22% gain over last month, not that great considering what I started out with, but I'm happy it's growing rather than shrinking. I would be extremely happy if I gain, from month to month at that rate.)

Pretty much all my gains this month came from work. All stocks, with the exception of FUND, which gave a pretty big dividend, lost value. EEF and RAI are both ex-div.

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