Acronym, Phrase, and Name Glossary

The Bernank = Ben Bernanke, current chairman of the Federal Reserve, as in "food prices are at record levels because The Bernank keeps printing money to keep the TBTFs from collapsing."

BTFD = buy the fucking dip, as in "Silver is down again, but to hell with the commodities exchange and the paper bugs, BTFD!"

The Goldman Sack = Goldman Sachs (GS), as in "Senator Carl Levine said that executives from The Goldman Sack lied under oath in their congressional testimony."

JPMorgue = JPMorgan Chase (JPM), as in "the JP Morgue silver manipulation scheme will come to an end with the stock crashing to 0 like Enron."

POS = piece of shit, as in "I bought this stock because of Jim Cramer's recommendation, but the POS is hitting new lows every freaking day!"

POSX = US Dollar Index, as in "the POSX was down again today while the Federal Reserve kept churning out new dollars."

RTFM = read the fucking manual, as in A: "are there position limits on silver?" B: "RTFM."

TBTF = too big to fail, as in "the government bailed out AIG, Bank of America, Citi, and the rest of the banksters because they're TBTF."

TPTB = the powers that be, as in "TPTB are really good at keeping the peasants uninformed and fighting each other."

This is a work in progress. More will be added in the future.